New management structure at junokai

Berlin, July 2023

As part of junokai’s expansion, the company's management has been restructured. Under Managing Director Sven Beiling, the Customer Service and Customer Experience Consulting Company is now organized and managed in separate units, each with a specific focus. On July 1, Markus Müller, newly principle, joined the management of the consultancy. He leads one of the two Operations Consulting units. The other operations team is headed by Felix Prömel. Jonas Steigertahl takes responsibility for Strategy Consulting and the Development of Junior Employees at junokai, while Sven Beiling himself is currently still in charge of Customer Experience Digitization. Internationalization as well as Internal Development of the company lie with Gerhard Klose, while Jonas Leismann’s unit comprises Sales, Marketing and Key Account Management.

The new structure supports junokai’s core competencies that extend from Strategy Development to Implementation Support and Operational Excellence, while goal-oriented Digitalization and use of Technology is becoming increasingly important in this context.