junokai - a modular performance and service offer


We support in all areas that affect your customer service: strategy, organization, operations, processes, personnel, technology, digitalization and sales. Starting with advisement and creating a concept, to individual issues about selecting suitable technologies up to taking over the management of entire projects and programs, we help you to achieve your targets.

junokai Health Check Customer Service

With the junokai Health Check Customer service we analyze the effectiveness of your customer service in all relevant areas compared with best practice using a standardized procedure and develop complete, concrete recommended actions for optimization. Therefore, depending on the areas of action, you can improve performance, sales, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and quality.

junokai Health Check WFM

With the junokai Health Check WFM we analyze all relevant factors of successful workforce management (WFM-system, setting up and operating organization, planning, personnel deployment planning and control), compared with best practice and develop complete concrete recommended actions. If desired, this check can be exclusively applied to handling the WFM-system which is utilized.Therefore, depending on the areas of action, you can optimize the quality of your planning, realizing your KPI, the efficiency of your WFM department and your employee satisfaction.

junokai Health Check Sales in Service

With the junokai Health Check Sales in Service we analyze all relevant factors for your sales results in service (e.g. recruiting, training, management, incentive models, systematic support, service development), compared with best practice and develop complete concrete recommended actions, to optimize your sales results

junokai Health Check ACD/TK

With the junokai Health Check ACD/TK we analyze all relevant parameters and adjustments of your ACD/TK application (e.g. system check, administration, routing, reporting, controlling, agent frontend) and develop complete concrete recommended actions for optimization.

junokai Mystery Agent

Would you like to spend some time with the customer service representatives, in order to learn which areas need to be optimized? Of course you have no time for that. That’s why we developed junokai Mystery Agent. A junokai consultant works for about three months in your contact center and documents their experiences, analyses and recommendations for action for all relevant topics: recruiting, training, induction training, management, guidelines, processes, systems.

junokai Root Cause Analysis

Customers would be much more satisfied if they weren’t faced with problems or unanswered questions which require them to contact customer service. And it would be more cost efficient for customer service if unnecessary contacts could be avoided. With junokai Root Cause Analysis we point out the causes for potentially unnecessary contacts and outline ways of avoiding these contacts from the outset. Or, if the contacts continue to be necessary, how their procedure can be made more efficient. The customer service staff can thus focus on the truly valid contacts.

junokai Robotics

With junokai Robotics we support you by identifying business processes which can be automated and evaluate their efficiency by robotizing the processes. In addition, we optionally introduce the required technology, implement and monitor it on-site.

junokai Sales Assistant

You’d like to increase the number of closings within the scope of your customer communication? You can implement support with junokai Sales Assistant. A basis is formed by an optimized, intelligent analysis of your customer data beforehand and regularly as well as a next best offer system.

junokai Sales Push

The right customer contact is decisive for sales success. What type of buyer is one in contact with? Does the customer really value an affordable product or are they much more interested in innovations and the price is only secondary. With junokai Sales Push we offer you a training concept, that enables your managers in the first step and your customer service representatives in the second step, to recognize the respective types of buyers and thus successfully design sales talk to match with the appropriate offer and the customer specific argumentation.

junokai Speech Analytics

How do the conversations with customers in your contact center contribute to your targets? Efficient communication management, high number of successfully resolved cases, sales successes and adherence to communication standards. How to efficiently avoid customer problems and reduce contact volumes? With junokai Speech Analytics we analyze the voice files of your customer communications with an intelligent application to fulfill the aforementioned KPIs and develop optimization recommendations.

junokai Services

Based on our customer care and sales, customer experience and customer relationship management experience, we have developed special service components. These help our clients to recognize weak points and to develop optimization approaches. A standardized structure of the procedure within the individual components enables us to act proactively in terms of timing and resources and generate maximum results with minimal costs.


We fill technical or management positions within your customer service until you are able to fill the the position yourself or a project has been completed. Your advantage: You benefit from experts with extensive experience in management who have also had line positions in marketing, sales and customer service.


Operating contact centers requires lots of experience and technical specialist knowledge. At the same time, more and more clients desire flexible customer service performance through third-party outsourcing. We consider outsourced contact center operations, which are still closely intermeshed with the client, to be the best opportunity to unify the client’s product and market knowledge with the service provider’s service and sales competence. We therefore offer our clients upon request, the possibility of operating their customer service and their contact center as an external service provider, as if these were internal company operations. A close intermeshing of processes and procedures ensures the best possible service quality, which is a result of both partners’ respective knowledge.