junokai - a modular performance and service offer

Strategy Consulting

For over a decade, junokai has been advising its clients on optimizing their clients customer experience, overcoming obstacles, and making the customer journey as pleasant and efficient as possible for both customers and company. With our extensive experience, we have developed a profound understanding of what truly works, and which levers are crucial for increasing customer satisfaction, promoting brand loyalty, and achieving sustainable success.

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses much more than just excellent customer service. It refers to how customers perceive a company based on all of their interactions. Therefore, it is essential to firmly embed a successful customer experience strategy within the company strategy.

Operations Consulting

junokai is a specialized consulting firm focused on the design, adaptation, and restructuring of customer service organizations and projects. Our primary emphasis is on customer acquisition, customer retention, and efficient cost management.

Our seasoned Operations Consulting team assists businesses across all industries in enhancing their customer/employee experience and achieving the desired corporate outcomes in customer service. Equipped with in-depth expertise, extensive experience, and progressive analytics, we design tailored solutions and guide you through the respective implementation.

Our goal is to streamline processes and infrastructures, minimizing complexity and reducing costs. Our specialists are with you every step of the way, from concept design to detailed practical implementation.

Thanks to our comprehensive consulting service, we ensure not only a successful design but also a rapid and precise implementation for a sustainably high-performing organization.

Techno­­­logy / Digi­tali­­zation Consul­ting

junokai understands the needs of customers and businesses in customer service. Experience from hundreds of projects has shown that the most effective solution for harmonizing the diverse requirements of constant accessibility and individualized service from the customer side, with cost reduction and automation on the business side, lies in digitalization and process automation. The result is increased efficiency for agents and an increase in customer satisfaction.

However, implementing such initiatives poses a significant challenge for most companies and their employees. Specialized expertise is essential to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and success. Our Digitalization Consultants possess the know-how and experience to design systemic infrastructures and oversee their implementation, ensuring they meet the needs of customers, companies, and employees alike.

Relevant technologies, such as chatbots with natural language processing (NLP)/robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent workflow systems, and machine learning, play a pivotal role in this process.

Given that significant changes and increasing automation are not always readily accepted by employees, we recommend accompanying the processes with goal-oriented change management. As your partner, we can also facilitate this transformation with our specialized Change Management Consultants.

Interim Management

junokai Consultants are recognized experts and leaders in various areas of the Customer Service and Customer Experience world. As such, they temporarily fill vacant positions in these domains until the right long-term appointment is found or a project is successfully completed. With extensive know-how and years of experience in management and line positions in CX and CS, our Interim Consultants are distinguished by their integrity and conciliation skills.

They also act as coaches for specialists and executive staff, supporting with the organizational development. Serving as mentors and situational advisors, they accompany change processes, ensuring that your company can effectively respond to future challenges.

Our Interim Consultants supplement your team, helping to make the best use of available resources and achieve your corporate objectives.

Project Management

junokai is also active in project management and assists with the outsourcing process. Based on extensive experience and expertise, we ensure optimized and economically sensible solutions which offer high flexibility.

For some companies, it may make sense to outsource entire sectors or parts of customer service. The reasons for this are varied, be it the need to handle contact peaks or the opportunity to compare results through benchmarking. Our junokai Consultants prepare strategic outsourcing decisions and assist in project design, development, and management of customer service units.

Our service not only includes preparing the make-or-buy decision but also the comprehensive establishment and short-term or long-term operation of contact centers for companies. Additionally, our specialists design and implement individual modules. These include site analyses, contract management, employee recruitment, general process design, quality management concepts, and design and expansion of technical infrastructure - just to name a few aspects.