junokai - a modular performance and service offer


We support in all areas that affect your customer service: strategy, organization, operations, processes, personnel, technology, digitalization and sales. Starting with advisement and creating a concept, to individual issues about selecting suitable technologies up to taking over the management of entire projects and programs, we help you to achieve your targets.

junokai Health Check

The junokai Healthcheck enables us to use a standardized procedure to analyze performance in all your relevant customer service areas, compare it with best practice and then develop full and concrete recommended actions for optimization. You can improve your performance, sales, customer satisfaction, customer experience and quality according to your areas of activity. We are also happy to discuss individual requests such as illuminating particular topics with you (e.g. workforce management, sales, ACD/TK, ...). 

junokai Mystery Agent

Would you also like to spend more time with customer advisers in order to find out what areas need to be optimized? Of course, you don’t have time for that. That’s why we created junokai Mystery Agent. A junokai consultant spends about three months in your contact center and documents their experiences, analyzes and recommends action plans for all relevant topics: recruiting, training, initial training, management, guidelines, processes, systems. 

junokai Robotic Process Automation

Using junokai Robotics we help you to identify business processes which can be automated and together with you, evaluate economic efficiency by robotizing the processes. We also optionally introduce the appropriate technology for this, implement it and provide support on-site.

junokai Customer Insights

There is no other setting in a company with more overall information flow about your customers’ daily problems than your service center. Customer service staff receive valuable information on a daily basis, which is often not systematically evaluated and therefore remains unused. So, core reasons often remain unknown. We have developed a tried-and-tested method to access relevant information about your customers. With junokai Customer Insights you use acquired data not only to improve your customer service, but also to optimize your products and services. We support you in an integrated manner, from the structured data collection, to identifying a rise in contacts to eventually executing concrete recommendations for action.  

junokai Interaction Analytics

How do customer contacts (voice and written) in your contact center pay off against your goals? Are you achieving efficient call handling, email and chat handling, high case closure rates, sales success and compliance with communication standards? How can you efficiently avoid customer problems and reduce contact volumes? With junokai Interaction Analytics you analyze the voice files of your customer conversations and the texts of your emails and chats with an intelligent application for the fulfillment of the above mentioned KPIs, and develop optimization proposals. We support you in planning, implementation and operation of interaction analytics tools.  

junokai Conversational AI

With junokai Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) we help you with potential analysis and implementing Conversational AI in your customer service. This doesn’t mean that we focus exclusively on the technical application. Instead, we also particularly consider the Conversational design and its integration into existing customer service processes. Using AI in customer dialogues will enable you to achieve up to a 25% conservation in contact. 

junokai Customer Lifecycle Management

With junokai Customer Lifecycle Management, we analyze customer journeys for defined focus groups and topics using personas which are individually designed for your company, thus helping you to identify breakdowns in the customer experience as well as process deficits. And we support you while you eliminate them. 

junokai Learning Experience

We create learning environments with demonstrable performance increases in customer care and telesales. As architects of omnichannel learning structures and processes, we provide training and training systems with stability, usability and company-specific value creation. We transfer knowledge reliably into practical applications that differentiate the service of your company. Let’s start with the basic training in the onboarding process: Through a workshop- and interview-based target-actual analysis, we compare learning objectives, processes and formats as well as supporting systems with workplace performance and business strategy. You benefit from actionable recommendations to optimize the company-specific return-on-learning. 

junokai Packaged Offerings

Based on our customer care and sales, customer experience and customer relationship management experience, we have developed special service components. These help our clients to recognize weak points and to develop optimization approaches. A standardized structure of the procedure within the individual components enables us to act proactively in terms of timing and resources and generate maximum results with minimal costs.


We fill technical or management positions within your customer service until you are able to fill the the position yourself or a project has been completed. Your advantage: You benefit from experts with extensive experience in management who have also had line positions in marketing, sales and customer service.

Managed Services

The operation of contact centres requires a great deal of experience and specialist knowledge. At the same time, more and more clients want to outsource their customer services to third parties, be it for the complete customer service, as a second pillar for flexibility and peak handling, or as a benchmark centre. We offer our clients to set up and operate a contact centre on their behalf as a general contractor. If desired, we can take over all tasks on our own responsibility, from infrastructure and technology to recruiting, training and quality management to process design, knowledge management and the complete operation. This leaves the client's resources free for its core business.