Techno­­­logy / Digi­tali­­zation Consul­ting

junokai understands the needs of customers and businesses in customer service. Experience from hundreds of projects has shown that the most effective solution for harmonizing the diverse requirements of constant accessibility and individualized service from the customer side, with cost reduction and automation on the business side, lies in digitalization and process automation. The result is increased efficiency for agents and an increase in customer satisfaction.

However, implementing such initiatives poses a significant challenge for most companies and their employees. Specialized expertise is essential to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and success. Our Digitalization Consultants possess the know-how and experience to design systemic infrastructures and oversee their implementation, ensuring they meet the needs of customers, companies, and employees alike.

Relevant technologies, such as chatbots with natural language processing (NLP)/robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent workflow systems, and machine learning, play a pivotal role in this process.

Given that significant changes and increasing automation are not always readily accepted by employees, we recommend accompanying the processes with goal-oriented change management. As your partner, we can also facilitate this transformation with our specialized Change Management Consultants.

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