Project Management

In the current business environment, it is crucial to implement projects with expertise and efficiency. Often, this is not possible with one’s own resources. That’s why we support your team in the area of project management. junokai offers management of entire programs or individual sub-projects, as well as taking over the Project Management Office (PMO). In the planning, control, and implementation of projects, we work, depending on the task, with common traditional approaches, such as „Waterfall“, and/or agile methods, like „Scrum“ or „Kanban“. These specific methods provide frameworks to efficiently achieve set goals, optimally use resources, and minimize risks.
What particularly distinguishes junokai is the expertise in the field of Customer Service and Customer Experience Management. We go beyond pure project management and bring in extensive professional competence. This means that Junokai not only ensures that projects remain within time and cost frames with minimized risks but also drives them forward in terms of content.
Transparent communication, timely results, and defined quality standards are just as natural as the use of best practices. We can also be available at short notice. Rely on our many years of experience and expertise in the field of project management.

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